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American Indian Rapper SupaMan was just named as an MTV Artist of the Week

The news: Christian Parrish Takes the Gun. Remember his name.

The Apsáalooke American Indian hails from the Crow Nation Reservation near Billings, Mont., and on March 21, the MTV Iggy blog named him Artist of the Week from among hundreds of competitors.

What makes him special? Well, he raps under the name “SupaMan,” he sings, he makes crazy drum loops, he’s a champion powwow fancy dancer and sometimes, if you’re lucky, he does all four at the same time.

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so excited for this show w/ Har-di-Har, Breakaway, and Bryce Midas

so excited for this show w/ Har-di-Har, Breakaway, and Bryce Midas


yesterday dan from howly dogs just released a batch of brilliant songs by surprise on howlydogblog​. this is my take on the first track of ‘air or’.

well shit. surrealinputs (aka Gameli) just really went in on one of my songs. His new track drunktank is up here too. Looks like his 2k13 album Teach Us To Outgrow Our Madness is not currently up but you should ask him about it because it’s been a staple for me for a while :)

Like, a pretty crooked and bent staple but definitely a staple.

some songs from last summer and fall



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something it’s taken me a long time to learn is that it’s good to produce a lot of ideas even when you know your ideas will die quickly, because dead ideas are nutritious soil for bigger, lovelier ideas



It’s time for another Skullis photoset~!
1. Agate Geode
2. Amethyst
3. Ammolite
4. Blue Amber
5. Septarian Stone
6. Fluorite
7. Banded Fluorite
8. Labradorite
9. Red Crazy Lace Agate
10. Malachite

1. Jimmy

2. Pete

3. Veronica

4. Dave

5. Laura

6. JJ

7. Cuthbert

8. Gaius

9. Biff

10. can’t quite remember her name at the moment but she was super cool and had the best record collection